Sunday, May 1, 2011

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1. I remember the 1st time I heard this. I had been to a late night film on a date one night. The date went terrible, but thats another story. Anyway, I got in a taxi and it was a young guy driving, a little older then me and we gradually drove through the city. We saw loads of scantily clad young girls and beered up louts falling about amoung the pubs, and the driver started cussing and we eventually got into this long conversation about the state of the country etc etc.

2. I was worried he might go a bit Travis Bickle on me! But eventually he asked if I liked DJ Shadow. "Never heard of him" I replied. So he wacked Endtroducing on and we listened in silence and we made our way accross the city. Its fantastic to listen to late at night. I bought the album the next day. Loved it. Still do. Over the next few months, I always used the same guy whenever I needed a Taxi and we became DJ Shadow friends together.

3. A year or so later, we went to see him live for his In Tune & On Time tour and it blew my mind again. My taxi driver friend died a few days later when he was assaulted on his late shift. They stole everything except his Endtroducing album, as it was still playing in the CD player. 6 years later, and I'm married and a whole new life is going on. My wife works late nights sometimes, and when I have to drive across town to pick her up, I wack this on & have a moment thinking about my old friend

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  1. Hi there,
    Your story moved me and makes me love this album even more than i did also reminded the first time i heard it was in 1996 or 97 and i just broke up with my girl friend of 5 years because things were going nowhere good and sadly one of us had to do something.So i was really broken hearted and i went to visit my cousin but he had other plans so i stayed in his flat on my own (he said i could wait for him for a couple of hours and then we could talk about my break up if i wanted to.just before he left the flat he went "oh...listen to this"...and he pressed play.for the next couple of hours I've listened to this mind-blowing album in loop and somehow i realized that i made the right decision and that there is something magically healing about crying and a definitive beauty in the state of melancholy.
    When i met wife 4 years later completely randomly (she was an english girl travelling in france for a few months (i'm french by the way) we went on really well straight away and she invited me to have a drink at her place.i couldn't believe what was happening to me.she was lovely and all that was happening so easily.we went up in her flat and she played some music...guess what? it was Endtroducing..she came to france with something like 10 vinyls and amongst them was that one.I knew straight that she was going to be quite special.and she is..we're now married and have 2 children and live in
    i hope i haven't bored you to death with my happy story..and if i did never mind.
    take care.