Friday, August 27, 2010

Sabrina and Two Step Lou - Nite Time Ride

Mostly late 80s grooves selected by myself and Sabrina the French Boogie Queen (of the sweaterfunk crew). We carefully selected these grooves to fit a certain vibe. That vibe is a summertime "ridin around in the city at night" type vibe. Clear night, full moon, windows down, top dropped, volume up etc. Just cruisin. Check out the sounds below, and purchase a copy($4 or free to sweaterfunk regulars). This is not a mix meant to be listened to at your compyuter.

Edit: Soundcloud is restricting me, so for now you can hear the mix through


Download mp3


  1. Superb mixx!! Is there a possibility You could provide a tracklist?
    I am especially looking for the track sung by a girl, the hook goes like this" Looking for a summer love, to take the chill away" It starts at 11:45 in the mix.
    Once again incredible mix!

  2. I'm still wondering about that track...Any chance You can tell me the artist and title, I would be very happy!